ARBBL club details

19:30 to 22:30 on Tuesdays at Gilliat Scout Hall, Marlborough Street, SP10 1DQ Andover

£3 a week for game players, 1st week free.

Any and all tabletop games played.  See Club Night blog posts for examples.  Mostly prearranged on our forum.  Give us a nudge on Facebook if you register and aren’t approved pretty quick as you’ve probably got caught in the spam filter.

Home of the ARBBL Blood Bowl tournament.

Named for the ‘Albion Rules Blood Bowl League’ way back in the mists of time.

Pop on in and say hello!

Under 18s to be accompanied by an adult.

Orkjectives II

More for my benefit than anyone else.  The deck list (pre-final release wave) for my second Shadespire trophy.

89 Biggest An’ Da Best

98 Brutal But Kunnin’

115 Unkillable

254 Determined Defender

257 Escalation

263 Hold Objective 1

264 Hold Objective 2

265 Hold Objective 3

266 Hold Objective 4

267 Hold Objective 5

281 Plant a Standard

292 Supremacy

296 Tactical Supremacy 1-2

297 Tactical Supremacy 3-4

310 Confused Priorities

321 Earthquake

330 Healing Potion

336 Last Chance

348 Ready For Action

349 Rebound

359 Shifting Shards

360 Sidestep

363 Sprint

374 Acrobatic

389 Great Fortitude

404 Light Footed

416 Shardcaller

420 Soultrap

425 Blazing Key

426 Dazzling Key

428 Fractured Key

430 Shadowed Key