Club Night 01 Aug 17

Second week of the new blogging regime and I already forget to take photos.  Must do better!

Tonight we had played:

2 games of Scrappers – A campaign is definitely incoming.

Mantic’s Walking Dead – No photos of this is truly a crime as one of our members has gone all in on painting and scenery for an amazing set up.

Twilight – A skirmish game with a very unique flavour in both figures and rules.

Kingdom Death: Monster – Continuing our campaign, downed a lvl 2 Screaming Antelope and got mobbed by Cancer Pigeons.

ARBBL club details

April 2024 update: We’re still active and running on the same day in the same place!  Just not updating this website any more.  Contact us at one of the links below:

19:00 until late on Tuesdays at Gilliat Scout Hall, Marlborough Street, SP10 1DQ Andover

£4 a week for game players, 1st week free.

Any and all tabletop games played.  See Club Night blog posts for examples. Mostly prearranged on our forum.  Give us a nudge on Facebook if you register and aren’t approved pretty quick as you’ve probably got caught in the spam filter.

Home of the ARBBL Blood Bowl tournament.

Named for the ‘Albion Rules Blood Bowl League’ way back in the mists of time.

Pop on in and say hello!